The Ultimate Guide to Finding the Best Crib Mattress in the UK

Selecting the ideal crib mattress is a pivotal decision for new parents, as it directly impacts the safety, comfort, and well-being of their precious bundle of joy. With an array of options available, finding the best crib mattress in the UK for 2023 can be a daunting task.

Fear not! Moon Nights curated this comprehensive manual to provide some fundamental factors to consider, top recommendations, and advisable tips to help you make an informed decision.

The Anatomy of the Perfect Crib Mattress

When embarking on the quest for the ideal crib mattress, it's essential to consider these key attributes:

Safety First

Prioritizing safety is non-negotiable. Look for crib mattresses that meet the strict safety standards set by organizations such as the British Safety Standard (BS 1877-10:2011+A1:2012). These standards ensure that the mattress is free from harmful chemicals, phthalates, and heavy metals.

Materials Matter

Opt for a mattress crafted from non-toxic materials. Organic crib mattresses, made from natural latex or organic cotton, are increasingly popular due to their eco-friendly and hypoallergenic properties.

Firmness is Fundamental

A firm mattress is crucial to minimize the chances of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). It provides essential support for your baby's developing spine and prevents them from sinking into the mattress.

Size and Fit

Ensure the mattress fits snugly within the crib, leaving no gaps where a little one might get trapped. The standard crib mattress size in the UK is 120cm x 60cm.


Opt for mattresses with good airflow to prevent overheating. Breathable materials and designs can reduce the risk of suffocation.

The Natural Wonder: Organic Latex Mattresses

Organic latex crib mattresses are a top choice for eco-conscious parents. They are made from natural rubber sap, free from chemicals, and provide exceptional support. Brands like NaturalNest offer organic latex crib mattresses created with the most rigorous standards of quality and safety.

The Cozy Cloud: Memory Foam Mattresses

Memory foam crib mattresses offer supreme comfort and support. They conform to your baby's body, providing a cloud-like sleep experience. Moon Nights, a renowned brand, is known for its premium memory foam crib mattresses, designed to cradle your baby in comfort.

The Breathable Buddy: Innerspring Mattresses

Innerspring crib mattresses feature a network of coils for support and breathability. They are an excellent choice for maintaining an optimal sleep temperature. Some options even come with a memory foam or organic cotton top layer for added comfort.

Moon Nights: A Lighthouse of Excellence and Trust

Among the constellation of options for crib mattresses in the UK, Moon Nights stands out as a shining star. Our adherence to quality and innovation has made us a trusted name in the industry. Our crib mattresses are crafted with the latest technology to ensure a perfect night's sleep for your baby.

Moon Nights not only adheres to the highest safety standards but also goes the extra mile to provide luxurious comfort. Our memory foam crib mattresses are infused with cooling gel, regulating temperature for a more peaceful slumber. Plus, we offer a range of stylish and functional crib mattress covers to protect your investment.

Types of Baby Mattresses Available Our Store

Coil Spring Mattresses: These mattresses feature a core of coiled springs for support and durability, as well as layers of foam or natural fibers for added comfort.

Foam Mattresses

Made from dense foam, these mattresses offer good support and are lightweight. They come in various thicknesses and densities to suit different preferences.

Pocket Spring Mattresses

These mattresses have individually wrapped springs that reduce motion transfer and offer better support. They are often combined with foam or natural materials for added softness.

Hybrid Mattresses

Combining features of different mattress types, hybrid mattresses often have a coil spring core with memory foam or latex layers. They aim to ensure optimal support and comfort.

Dual-sided Mattresses

These mattresses have different firmness levels on each side, catering to the changing needs of a growing baby. One side may be firmer for infants, while the other is softer for toddlers.

Breathable or Airflow Mattresses

Designed to reduce the risk of overheating, these mattresses have innovative airflow systems or 3D mesh materials to ensure proper ventilation.

Orthopedic or Posturepedic Mattresses

These mattresses are designed to provide optimal spinal support for a baby's developing back, ensuring a healthy sleeping position.

Travel Cot Mattresses

These compact and lightweight mattresses are designed to fit in travel cots and playpens, ensuring a comfortable sleep environment for babies on the go.

Closing Remarks!

Your baby's comfort, safety, and well-being depend on the crib mattress you choose. To find the best mattress UK, always go the extra mile. With Moon Nights, you can buy everything you need in one place.

We make our crib mattresses with the highest quality materials, so your baby can sleep peacefully. In addition to being breathable and hypoallergenic, our mattresses are safe for your baby. Moon Nights has the best crib mattresses UK for your little one. Buy now!


Is it Necessary to Buy a Separate Crib Mattress Cover?

Yes, using a crib mattress cover is advisable. It helps protect the mattress from spills, stains, and allergens.

Moon Nights offers a selection of crib mattress covers designed to fit our mattresses perfectly, ensuring both comfort and protection. Crib mattress covers provide not only a snug fit but also provide a layer of protection that can help extend the lifespan of your mattress.

What is the Recommended Lifespan of a Crib Mattress?

On average, crib mattresses should be replaced every 2 to 3 years or when your child outgrows the crib. Moon Nights' crib mattresses are built to last, thanks to our durable materials and craftsmanship.

Our mattresses are also designed to deliver maximum comfort and support for your baby. They are hypoallergenic and antibacterial for a safe sleeping environment. All of our mattresses come with a 10-year warranty.

Are Moon Nights Crib Mattresses Suitable for Babies with Allergies?

Yes, Moon Nights understands the importance of hypoallergenic materials. Our superior-quality crib mattresses are designed to be hypoallergenic, so they are suitable for babies with allergies or sensitivities.

Not only are our mattresses hypoallergenic, but they also feature certified organic materials to provide an extra layer of comfort and safety for your little one.

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